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To become new again in . . .


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freedom from doubt,

anxiety, or fear . . .

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human existence, relationships,

ife &

liveliness or vitality and...

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trust or faith

in a person or self.

Embracing, Challenging & Changing Lives  . . .  Everyday

 We believe that each individual’s future can be positive and we commit ourselves to assisting in any way possible to support this being achieved

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Provide for a positive future and commit to assisting our community and support those who are determined to succeed

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A Little About Us

Our Mission

“In an environment of dignity and mutual respect, to help individuals experiencing homelessness or who are at risk of becoming homeless, to become self-sufficient through:

  • Housing: Providing a temporary shelter and access to affordable permanent housing
  • Skills: Helping each resident develop the life and job skills needed to live,
  • Work: Expecting each resident to perform meaningful work for the benefit of himself or herself and the community
  • Prevention: Working to prevent homelessness in the Kanawha Valley.”

Our Philosophy

The Roark-Sullivan Lifeway Center holds central to its existence the goal of providing quality services to individuals experiencing homelessness in Charleston and the Kanawha Valley. Our services are developed with the hope of including each individual’s family or persons significant to him or her in this process.

  • We aim to support individuals to care for their children whenever possible. It is our intent to maintain the rights of those served, to treat all entering our programs and services with dignity and respect and to assist all individuals to make their own decisions- ensuring their right to self determine.
  • We seek to maintain an environment that is free of violence and illegal conduct.
  • We seek to help each individual regain his ability to live independently when possible and/ or to live as independently as appropriate.
  • We focus on personal responsibility and accountability by empowering each individual to set and achieve his or her own goals.
  • We believe that each individual’s future can be positive and we commit ourselves to assisting in any way possible to support this being achieved.
Our Success Stories

Mr. N came to us as a well-traveled individual. He was raised in Alaska and ended up in New York on his journey. He said that he was tired of NY and he thought to himself, “Well, I’ve never seen the Appalachian mountains”, so he got on a bus and headed for West Virginia. He arrived at the Giltinan Center August 13, 2014.

During the initial intake for Mr. N it was revealed that he was very polite but struggled with a mental health issue. He has the type of blunt, honest personality that you couldn’t help but like him. His overly-giving heart made him somewhat vulnerable but we talked it out with him. Still, he seemed to make more friends here than most do.  Anything you asked of him, he is willing to do to the best of his ability.

He immediately got connected with Prestera where he could see a Doctor and Psychiatrist, to keep on top of his monthly medication shots. He saved up his disability income while applying for apartments like Brooks Manor, Vista View and through CKHA for Section 8 and HUD. For a few months, he didn’t hear much back from the properties. In the meantime, he also applied for and received his SNAP/Food Stamps benefits.

Finally, on October 15th he was approved for Brooks Manor.  He was extremely excited and the serious expression he usually had was overtaken by a huge smile. Only to find out two days later, that his apartment was on hold due to new flooring being put in. He was anxious to leave, and frustrated, but he was set in his mind that he would wait it out and not go to any other place. Thankfully, the last week of October he was given the keys and it was his. We successfully moved his belongings to his new home on October 31st.

If you see Mr. N today, he is walking around like a new man.